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Slant Mold 6"x4"
Our most common and versatile mold.  Gives you the border you need to keep the grass out and the bedding material in, while giving a beautiful profile showing off the stamp pattern you choose.
Our Most Common Molds
Mowers Mold 6'x4"
Our mowers mold offers the border you need with a unique shape, but has limited stamp pattern options.
Curb Mold 6"x4"
Our curb mold offers the border you need.  This design is for the person who likes a square, commercial look. It can also be rebar reinforced.
Curb Mold 6"x6"
This mold is our most common commercial curb mold.  It can also be rebar reinforced.
15" and 24" Garden Pathways
Our garden pathways are beautiful.  They can be colored and stamped to match your curbing. Use anywhere you would want a sidewalk.
Additional mold styles available.
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